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Posted by Bernie Reifkind on December 17, 2007


A Beatles Guide to 

finding and keeping

super talent!

Its a “Hard Day’s Night” so

here’s a "Ticket to Ride”

5 employment ideas in

Beatles songs:



It’s Friday afternoon and one of your key employees gives notice that he or she is resigning.  At first your blood pressure begins to rise, your heart is pounding and you break out into a cold sweat and you are thinking, “how could you do this to me?” “You’ve got to be kidding me?”

a.       Keep a level head and do not panic.  Sometimes you can rectify the situation in the coming days. 

b.      Assess your available resources

c.       Take action immediately: call a professional recruiting firm, contact any leads and reach out to your vendors.  Sometimes referrals can come from the most unlikely sources.

          Come Together

“Here come old flat top”:  Remain calm even when panic is setting in.  Sometimes, having to replace a crucial employee can actually effect an even better and more efficient operation.  Things can seem flat at times and having the right energy and talent can boost your organization to new heights.

a.       Bring together your staff and let them know of the current situation

b.      When appropriate, solicit their input as to what is needed in the new hire

c.       Find out what challenges need to be addressed


       Hello Goodbye

“I don’t know why you goodbye, I say hello”:  The number one reason that most people change jobs is: their boss.  So you’re the boss and you’re doing your job and working long hours and demanding a lot from yourself and your team, but you know what?  Somebody may be very unhappy and you might not even know that you’re the cause of it!

a.       “You say goodbye and I say hello”- you’re not on the same page and you’re not communicating!

b.      Communicate, communicate, communicate!

c.       “I say yes, but I may mean no” : don’t assume that people understand your intentions or plans-if you believe there are doubts-address issues right away.

        Can’t Buy Me Love

“I’ll give you all I’ve got to give”: Are you giving your team the resources and freedom to do their job?  Are you treating them the way you’d like to be treated?  Are you paying them the most that you can?  Obviously money doesn’t buy love, but it does show love.

a.       Make sure that you are paying competitive wages.

b.      At the same time, don’t be held hostage to an employee that is making outrageous demands.

c.       Be fair with wages and lean on the side of generosity.  Your employees will reciprocate during “crunch” time.

Get Back

Get back to where you once belonged”: When a company is growing and hopefully thriving, it’s a good time to remember the basics that got you to this point.  Are you remembering the details?  Are you providing the level of sacrifice, service and production with the same (if not better) level of professionalism as you did back in the day?  How are you treating your human capital?

a.       Get back and remember that your employees are the most precious aspects of your business.

b.      You will attract talent and retain your best people by “getting back” to the basics of what made you successful.  Always pay attention to the details of why people work for you.

c.       When you are actively recruiting for a new employee, get back to the days leading up to your own employment and remember what led you to your present job.


I am Bernie Reifkind, CEO of Premier Search, Inc.


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