Bold 2.0: Google, Noe Namath, The Moon and Recruitment

Posted by admin on July 25, 2009

How bold is Google?  They announced that they are targeting Microsoft’s revenue:

“The arrival of the Chrome OS is a direct threat to one of Microsoft’s main revenue streams: sales of the Windows operating system for netbook PCs. It also comes at a time when Microsoft is on the eve of launching its most promising operating systems in a number of years: Windows 7.”

How bold is that?  Very.

Google is in Microsoft’s face.  Don’t you love that?

In 1969 Joe Namath in the newly formed AFC (American Football League) guaranteed a Super Bowl victory and he delivered.  

Same year Neil Armstrong walks on the moon.

Fortune favors the bold.  How does that apply to you?  If you are an employer, hire the biggest name in your industry.  If you are an applicant, contact the biggest name in your industry.

What is the risk?  Rejection, big deal.

What is the reward?  Everything.

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