Posted by Bernie Reifkind on September 18, 2007

For months now I have wanted to share with the world the “behind the scenes” daily life of a healthcare Executive Recruiter. 

My welcome plan for this blog is not only to reveal the inner sanctum of an executive search firm, but to teach best practices to employers trying to fill critical openings. In addition, I hope to assist in explaining the mind set of candidates when they are looking for a job. I would like to share anecdotes that are at times amusing and horrifying. 

Thus is the human condition.

I am Bernie Reifkind, CEO of Premier Search, Inc., the leading healthcare executive search firm in the nation. Since founding my business from my dining room table more than 20 years ago, I am the foremost authority on the placement process.

I plan to share stories past and present that will amaze and shock you about what really goes on in my business and in the hiring process. The successes and the failures——-I sometimes think that I’ve seen it all until——–until something new amazes me yet still.

So why is this blog called “Ochenta!”? Ochenta! Is a term that I and my team shout out loud whenever we have a mini or huge successful moment or outcome. For example:

I receive a great resume:                ”Ochenta!”
My client wants to hire my candidate:      “Ochenta!”
A check arrives in the mail:            ”Ochenta!”
It’s Friday!:                        ”Ochenta!”

”Ochenta!” is such a cool thing to shout when something good happens to you. You got out of jury duty: ”Ochenta!” You got a promotion: ”Ochenta!” I hope that you are having an ”Ochenta!” life.

So what is really happening behind the scenes at the nations number one healthcare executive search firm?

It’s important to know something up front. I don’t find jobs for people. I find people for jobs. Simply put, a client pays a fee! A candidate does not. So my attention is on my valued client, the employer.

This doesn’t mean that I do not care about candidates. In fact, nothing could be further from the truth. Changing jobs is one of the biggest decisions that we ever make and should never be taken lightly. When speaking with candidates I am always aware how much effect that I may have on someone’s life and that of their loved ones.

My life is spent on the phone…….and the phone is ringing! 

Stay tuned for my next installment,

Best regards,
Bernie Reifkind

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