Finding People For Jobs

Posted by Bernie Reifkind on April 27, 2011

It’s not as easy as it might appear.

There was a time when employers advertised for employees by running an ad in the newspaper and then waited for resumes to be mailed in.

This is almost like having a retail store in that you put a sign outside of the shop and hope that customers will come in and buy.

In the digital age, newspaper ads or even magazine ads for new employees have become almost obsolete.  Advertising for the most part is now likely to be an ad on a career job board. 

Again, this is almost like having a retail store.  It’s passive.  You spend money and hope that employees will find you.

Oh and of course one can use social media to connect with other people.  You can use facebook, twitter, linkedin, etc. and every tool in the world to find people.

But the single most effective tool ever invented to find people for jobs was invented by Alexander Graham Bell and patented in 1876: the telephone.  That’s right, the telephone. 

But the telephone is useless unless you know how to communicate.  And that is why the help of a professional recruiter is vital in the search process for finding people for jobs.

Finding people is not about locating them, it’s about attracting them.  It’s about asking the right questions.  It’s about qualifying someone before you meet with them.

It’s about asking for referrals and then it’s about following up with the referrals.  It’s about questions, questions and even more questions.

Like searching for a buried treasure finding people is about digging deap until you find an employee that could potentially be the key to the success of an entire operation.

And once you have identified a proper candidate, you have to take the necessary measures to create a relationship, after of course references have been checked and due diligence has been taken.

In summary, finding people is not about locating them.  It’s about what happens after a good candidate is found.  You must take practical, tactical and assertive action.  Use whatever tool you can use to find good candidates but after that………’s about your own actions.

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