Wired: Are you connected? You Better be.

Posted by admin on August 25, 2009

By Bernie Reifkind, CEO of Premier Search, Inc (800) 801-1400

Are you connected?  You know what I mean. 

Are you checking email or texting from the minute you wake up until the minute you go to bed? Are you checking out CNN.com or any of the other news outlets all day long?  Are you connected to linkedin, facebook, twitter and all the other social media?  If not, then just what are doing? 

More importantly, don’t you realize that if you dont stay wired all day long, you just might miss something?

If you’re not connected and I mean really wired than how can you function?

The answer is that you can’t.  None of us can function in this global village without knowing everything all of the time. 

The reason is simple.  If you are not wired, than you have to wait.  Who wants to wait when you dont have to?  Waiting is “so yesterday”, we need to know right now, what is going on with everything and everyone.  (Hang on, I just received 2 emails.)

Taking a vacation? Better have your blackberry and check your email.  Reading a book? Stop every 3 minutes to check your email.  Driving a car? Risk your life or someone else’s by texting and letting someone know that you are running late.  You really do need to be connected all of the time and completely wired. 

Do you know what the risk is of not being completely connected and wired?

  • You may miss a beautiful sunset
  • a slow meal with a dear friend
  • reading to your child who needs your comfort
  • helping others less fortunate than you are
  • and most importantly: you may miss some much needed downtime, a chance to think and to prioritize what is really important- those you love.

On second thought,  maybe you better stay wired up and check your email every 3 minutes.  You might miss something and of course who wants to wait?

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