Significance by Bernie Reifkind, CEO Premier Search, Inc

Posted by Bernie Reifkind on May 27, 2008

We all want to be very significant in the eyes of other people. In the truest sense of the word we want to be be recognized. We want to be heard. We want to stand out. You want to be known.

Speak your truth. Leap and then look!

In particulcar, we all want to be known and appreciated for the unique strengths that we bring. We feel a need to be admired as credible, professional, and successful. Likewise, we want to asociate with others who are credible, professional and successfull. And if they aren’t, ush them to achieve until they are, or you need to move on.

Be an independent spirit, you want your work to be a way of life rather than a job and in that work you want to be given free reign, the leeway to do things your way. High self assurance is key.

Whatever your focus-and each person is distint-force your significance theme to keep pulling you upward, away from the mediocre toward the exceptional!

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