Promises, Promises Promises

Posted by Bernie Reifkind on December 3, 2007

A promising scenario in the life of a recuiting professional. 


Promises, promises, promises….

A recruiter finds an outstanding candidate for a client with a critical job opening and the candidate has expressed sincere interest in the job.  A resume is then requested. 

So what happens next?  A promise.



Candidate:        Candidate: “Yes of course, I’ll send you my resume-I will email it to when I get home.”

Recruiter: “Great!  I’ll call you when I receive it!”


Recruiter: “Hi, I haven’t received your resume………are you still sending it?
Candidate: “Oh I’ve been so busy…….I’ll email it to you tonight when I get home.”


Recruiter:          Leaves a message on candidate’s voice mail: “Hi, I still haven’t received your  resume………and I do not want to push you, so can you please tell me if you are still interested in applying?  Are you sending me your resume? 

Candidate:         No response………..yet………….the candidate calls back late at night and leaves a voice mail message knowing that you’re at home sleeping: “Hi…..I have been so busy……..and I am returning your phone call.”


Recruiter:          Calls the candidate and finds out that the candidate is in meetings all day and is not available.

You get the picture.

A rookie recruiter would keep chasing this candidate to get the resume when in fact:  this candidate is not really interested in making a change.  If this candidate really wanted to send a resume or investigate an opportunity nothing would stop them.

So why do candidates "lie" to recruiters about sending their resumes?  Because they can. 

It’s very flattering to receive a phone call from a recruiter about changing jobs.

When people make a promise to send a resume,  it’s easy to do so because they believe in the moment that they are telling the truth…… feels good to think that change is on the way.  However it’s very difficult to call and say that they have changed their mind.


Seasoned Recruiter:       Respectfully, this will be my final phone call to you.  If you are still interested in sending a resume, terrific, however until that happens I will assume that you are not interested and I will move on.  Good bye."

Conclusion:                  People (as they should) act out of their own self interest and (within reason) do what they want to do.   Don’t chase people.  Hold them accountable to their word and then judge them by their actions.

I am Bernie Reifkind, CEO of Premier Search, Inc.  "Its your move."

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