Medical Recruiter and Long Term Care by Bernie Reifkind

Posted by admin on October 14, 2009

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Do you feel like you are running uphill?  Gasping for air as you search through resumes from the posting on Monster for a Director of Nursing and all you are seeing are resumes from unemployed financial executives.


Maybe you are seeing the sames resumes over and over again by the same “re-tread” candidates that cannot seem to stay put.

Employers: why not contact a medical recruiter with long term care expertise?  If you contact a health care search firm that specializes in long term care, you’ll save huge on your most precious commodity: your time!

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  1. Mr. Reifkind:
    I am a seasoned long term care administrator with a good track record over 20 years. Unfortunately the past few years have put me in the position of a “retread” as you so aptly put it. Please call me when you have a moment
    David Friedler, MPH, CNHA

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