News on Effective Medical Recruiting Tips by Bernie Reifkind

Posted by admin on October 15, 2009

The times they are a changing.”- Bob Dylan

These are the days of SEO (search engine optimization), social business marketing and word of mouth technology.

Effective medical recruiting is essential to the life blood of any health care organization.  To compete in the health care world, you have to have the best talent.

Here are some tips for effective medical recruiting:

1.  SEO mastery:  Use every resource available to make sure that great candidates can find you when they enter key words into the various search engines.  This means that you must rank in Google as high as you possibly can.

2.  Word of mouth means world of mouth: Referrals are the rule and not the exception.  Advertising on job boards is yesterday’s news and it is no different than putting up a sign in front of a retail store.  You need to bring the customer in.  Referrals are key.

3.  Use a medical recruiter: Stop kidding yourself and use a professional that knows where the good people are and can deliver them to you.  Your time is valuable, use it wisely.

4.  Pay attention to teenagers:  Teenagers can show you whatever trends that are developing that just might apply to the efforts that you need for successful medical recruiting.  Observe how they are communicating and you will be amazed.  Things are changing so rapidly and teenagers have their finger on the pulse.  Texting, social media, video-chatting are completely adaptable to the field of recruiting for the best talent.

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