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Our business was built around one simple, undeniable truth:

Companies succeed when they have access to the best available professionals.

 We know how to find the best candidates.

At Premier Search Inc., we make sure our clients get the best. We believe that relationships and proven recruiting strategies attract top people, not job boards. By combining our extensive referral network with our web-based candidate database, we create custom search programs and connect healthcare employers with the best available professionals.

The best know how to find us.
We meticulously search and maintain contact with the very best people in the health care industry. Candidates refer us to their friends and colleagues. Our candidate pool is a dynamic database that changes daily.

We provide the best value.
Our custom searches eliminate commissions and finder’s fees and produce qualified applicants even your most difficult assignments. With our unconditional replacement guarantee, we promise that you’ll be 100% satisfied with our services.

Get started free of charge.
We can typically provide you with quality resumes within 48 hours, and we’re so confident in your satisfaction that you’ll receive your first candidate’s resume immediately, free of charge. It’s our measure of good faith, just the first part of our commitment to working with you in the future. Contact us directly to discuss by phone the position you need filled, or click here to tell us online.

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