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Bernie Reifkind

Bernie Reifkind is the CEO of Premier Search, Inc., the leading healthcare talent acquisition agency in the nation.  Since founding Premier Search, Inc. more than 20 years ago, Bernie Reifkind has become nationally known as an expert in the placement process in the healthcare recruitment industry.

Bernie is highly regarded for his professional healthcare staffing skills and educational best practices articles that can be found on the health care industry.  As a career counselor to CEO’s, mid management and to brand new college graduates, he is often quoted in magazines about his expertise.

Responsible for more than 1500 job placements in his career, Bernie is passionate about improving the lives of people and organizations in providing career counseling, health care staffing and executive recruitment for his clients.

In the early 1990’s the trend of the aging baby boomer population served as evidence that the senior housing industry was in need of fresh new ideas with regard to healthcare staffing.  Bernie’s clients needed the best and brightest staff available but could ill afford the high costs associated with the placement commissions charged by traditional staffing agencies.

Bernie Reifkind is a pioneer in the idea that organizations that need the assistance of a health care staffing agency should not have to pay large commissions with short guarantee periods.

His idea is quite simple.  Create a relationship with organizations that need health care staffing, learn their culture and then charge a fair monthly fee to provide full recruitment staffing services to fill even the most critical job opening  and then offer a no question 100% guarantee.

Essentially, Bernie created a health care staffing program that is extremely cost effective without any risk.  If a placement doesn’t work out for any reason, the candidate is replaced for no additional cost!  It was a creative breakthrough enabling health care organizations nationwide to compete because they could afford a health care staffing agency to provide them with the very best talent.

Quite simply, it just makes sense.  Bernie would like to hear from you! If you have any questions,  please call him at (310) 247-8900 x 302.
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