December: When Your Brain Turns to Apple Sauce

Posted by Bernie Reifkind on December 7, 2011

Not to sound like Scrooge as the holidays are now upon us, but in the business world and especially for business owners December can be an unforgiving month.

Most people are holiday shopping, enjoying holiday music, and generally slowing down the pace as we head towards the end of the year and the beginning of the next.

The last couple of weeks of the year can easily slide into “lame duck” efforts by employees, but employers still have to make their numbers, pay bills and of course make payroll just as they do throughout the year.

As employers, do we give our people some slack during the holidays or do we maintain the same pace and demand the same performance effort?

It’s a tough call.

The reality is that during the holiday season, most people slow down the pace of work and begin to anticipate a New Year ahead. 

Brains can easily turn into apple sauce when it comes to work effort.

Is there some type of balance that can be struck?  Perhaps.

Many employers confess to me (a professional healthcare recruiter) that December (though joyous) can also be the cruelest month.  For example, December is a great month to interview for a new job with the intention of providing a start date in January.

Like a New Year’s resolution.  Starting new, afresh.

But a resignation in the month of December by a key employee hurts.   It’s a chink in the proverbial armor.

Moreover, many candidates do not want to interview or even think about a new job in the holiday season.  So a company has to continue at the same pace knowing that they may be short handed at a slow time of the year.  What to do?

Time to call a professional recruiter to get busy immediately.  Recruiters are usually very busy during December.

So as this year winds down and we reflect on the past year and make New Years resolutions, maybe we should begin to think about December…………in the summer months…… and plan as best we can for the unexpected.

How do we do this?  Whatever, it’s the holidays.  Where’s the apple sauce………….?

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