Consistency? Overrated.

Posted by Bernie Reifkind on January 13, 2012

Healthcare business “experts” agree that staying consistent is an attribute that most successful people share when it comes to making management decisions or in conducting their own personal lives.

We also know as a fact that the only constant in life is change.  So if things are always changing, how do we stay consistent?  How do we keep on, keeping on?

Consistency in and of itself is completely over-rated. 

It’s important of course to be consistent, but we need to factor in some creativity, spontaneity and rational risk taking, when things change.

And things change.

Some of the most successful people who ever lived were of course consistent in their intent.  But they changed direction and solved problems or created new ideas by accepting the relentlessness of life, and change.

Lets fact it, sometimes life throws us a curve ball and we need to realize that sometimes rock solid consistency is detrimental to achieving a desired outcome.

Most people who cling to unwavering consistency do so out of fear.  They buy into the belief that what worked before will always work now and on into the future.


A healthier approach might be to be consistently aware of change and couple that with adaptation to what life brings.  Adapting to change without rational resistance, is an effective approach to all of life’s changes.

This approach may be healthy but it is extremely challenging.  And it takes guts.  And on the subject of guts, why not use a healthcare recruiter and hire the superstar staff that will launch your company to levels beyond your wildest dreams?

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