5 Reasons Why To Fire Procrastinators

Posted by Bernie Reifkind on September 20, 2013

Have I gotten your attention?  If not, then procrastinate and read this article some other time.  Ha ha.

What you are about to read is no joke.

Business owners and employers have to deal with the procrastination of others on a daily basis.  Or do we?

Hey Mr. employer, have you heard this lately from an employee?:

“I’ve been so busy, that I haven’t had a chance.”  “I called him/her last week and I have not heard back.” “No, I have not followed up yet, but I will.” “I was planning on doing what you requested, but then lightening struck, so I will do it next week.”

Do you find humor in this?

Why on earth do we employers put up with procrastinating employees?  It’s different with family and friends.  We choose our friends and accept them for who they are.  We allow for procrastination, to a point.

The topic here is employee procrastination.  When an employer gives an order and clearly spells out the demand and the time frame, there can not be a single excuse as to why the order has not been carried out.


5 Reasons Why To Fire Procrastinators

1.  Procrastination is insubordination: An employee is on the clock and getting paid to fulfill whatever assignment is ordered.  A task not fulfilled on time could in many cases end up costing the company lost revenue or possibly create an embarrassing situation with a client or with YOUR OWN BOSS.  Procrastination of an order given, is clear insubordination and should not be tolerated.

2.  Who is the boss?: Never forget who is the boss (you) and what it took for you to attain your current role.  Can you imagine losing everything that you have worked so hard to attain because of an incompetent employee that procrastinated an order?  The answer is an obvious NO.  If you’re the boss then act like one and take action.

3. A deadline is a deadline: In business, what are we playing….high school?  No, this is the big leagues and a business is a risk taking venture.  Why put up with someone who misses a deadline?  Even the smallest of deadlines have consequences that employers or business owners have to own at some point.  After a clear warning, never settle for some lame excuse for why a deadline was missed.

4. All employees are exchangeable: Why be held hostage to a procrastinating employee?  Does this employee “have the goods” on your operation?  So what? Does this person have a special skill set that is not easily replaced? Big deal. Does the employee have tenure?  Give me a break. If an employee procrastinates with never ending excuses, maybe it’s time to show them the door, without procrastination.  Never allow yourself to fall into the trap that someone can not be replaced.  Of course they can be replaced.

5.  Time is our most valuable resource: We all know that time kills all deals.  In fact, timing is everything not just in business but in our personal daily lives. An order given to a subordinate has to be carried out right now unless another time has been agreed upon.  If not, then why waste time?  For every minute that a task is postponed, the business is possibly dying a little bit every day.  Think about that for a moment. Are you ready to see your business on life support?

Of course not.

In summary, employee procrastination need not be tolerated unless there is a clear, one time explanation why an order was not been undertaken.  We all have the same 24 hours in our day and we are all busy multitasking.  However, in the work place, employees get paid to perform the tasks ordered post- haste.

Guess who loses when a deadline is missed?


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