The Art of Knowing What To Ignore: Top 5

Posted by Bernie Reifkind on November 15, 2011

Renowned physicist Brian Greene in his best selling book,  “The Hidden Reality” in explaining one of his complicated physics concepts explores the idea of “the art of knowing what to ignore.”

What a fascinating concept.

Wouldn’t our lives both personally and professionally benefit from simply knowing what to ignore?

This writer is not a master in the art of knowing what to ignore but in our professional lives here are 5 suggestions:

1.  Yesterday. The reality of life and work is that things change.  What ever happened in the past has very little to do with what is going on in the moment.  Of course we need to have business plans and we should try and map out future trails, but things invariable change.  Factor in what happened yesterday but apply that to right now.

2.  Gossip and Negativity. It’s easy to believe the bad stuff and to hope for good things so it’s extremely vital to ignore the negative.  Gossip is juicy but does it really add anything to your business life? Of course not.  Negativity and gossip  can be an anchor while a business is swimming upstream.

3. Fear. There are different levels of fear, obviously.  However in the business world, most of us get caught up in the fear of failure.  But what if “fear” were to be removed from the equation as it relates to our professional lives?  Most of us would soar.  Recognize fear what it truly is: an impostor.

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4.  The Internet. Anyone who claims that they do not spend time during the day, surfing the net, checking emails, texting, tweeting and everything Internet related is being delusional.  How about ignoring the Internet unless it is absolutely vital in your work?  The Internet may be one of the great inventions of all time, but let’s not fool ourselves about the distraction to accomplishing our tasks.  Try ignoring the Internet and see how your production increases.

5.  Unsigned agreements. Many years ago, a handshake was all that was needed for a successful agreement.  It’s a different world in the 21st century and though most people mean well, business should not be conducted without a signed agreement.  Ignore unsigned agreements.

In summary, there are hundreds of things to ignore that serve as distractions in our daily lives.  Focus on what counts, on what matters and try to ignore the rest.

If something is truly important then no matter how hard you try and ignore, it will show up.

I am Bernie Reifkind, CEO and founder of Premier Search, Inc. I can be reached at 1(800) 801-1400 or email at  I welcome your phone call.

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