On Being Ready at The Right Time

Posted by Bernie Reifkind on June 19, 2012

How ready are you when opportunity comes knocking? When fate comes calling, are you ready to answer the call?

Most of us are 10th degree black belts in procrastination.  Especially if there is a deadline involved.  We wait for the last minute.  We lead busy lives and sometimes we have no choice but to “get it done” at the deadline.  Especially the unpleasant things.

But wait just a minute. 

Isn’t it also true that once in a while we get “lucky” or perhaps good fortunate pays us a visit?  And when it does, most of the time it’s completely unexpected.

As it relates to our careers, how do we prepare to be ready when “the right time” comes? 

The right time can be defined as that feeling we get, when it’s our turn, when something good has the possiblity to occur.  So when the timing just seems to be right, we have to be ready for that moment!

Here are 5 career ways to be ready at the right time:

1.  Always have a current and extremely professional looking resume available.  In my work as a professional executive recruiter, very often I will recruit someone that does not have a current resume.  In fact, many people do not even have a resume prepared at all.  That is outrageous!  Having a current resume is critical to all of our careers.  You never known when you will need one so here is some sage advice: always be resume prepared.

2.  Pay attention to what your colleagues are doing and saying.  What is going on around you? Why not gather information for future use? This is a wonderfully powerful tool.  Pay attention to trends.  Are your colleagues interviewing?  If they are, then why?  Is there a lot of employee turn over?  If so, then perhaps it may be time for you to start exploring new options.

3.  Answer all phone calls from recruiters.  Even if one has no intention of making a job change, staying current with recruiters is a valuable career asset.  Why? Recruiters are an excellent source of all kinds of information and you just never know if a better opportunity is available.  Having good professional relationships with recruiters may pay off some day when you are absolutely ready to make a change. 

4.  Create a mind set that something good can happen at any time.  Sometimes, you just get lucky but you have to create the kind of mind set that will allow for some good fortune.  This is not just about positive thinking (though positive thinking is extremely helpful), this is about knowing the absolute possibility that something positive could happen at any time.  

5.  Take immediate action.  If an opportunity presents itself, than take the leap necessary to make it happen.  Make that phone call.  Write the letter.  Introduce yourself to the person that you need to meet to make it happen.  You never know if you’ll ever have the chance again, so if good fortune visits upon you, take the action necessary to achieve the result you need. Take a shot.

In summary, life is relentless and we never know how things will unfold from day to day, but we must be ready when the right time occurs for good things to happen.  And how do we know when it’s the right time?

It’s always the right time.

I am Bernie Reifkind, CEO and founder of Premier Search, Inc.  I can be reached at 1(800) 801-1400 or email at ceo@psihealth.com.  I welcome your phone call.

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