In Celebration of The Obvious

Posted by Bernie Reifkind on September 9, 2014

Why is it that so many people are clueless when it comes to the implied social contract of obvious behavior?

What do I mean?

In the world of healthcare executive search and placement, my firm (Premier Search, Inc) provides the service of filling critical job openings for our client employers.

We source, pre-screen, interview and ultimately present the very best available candidates for every critical job search that we conduct.

We often arrange interviews.

When someone agrees to meet our client for an interview at a specific time and date, this really is a binding verbal agreement.

So why is it that many times we get calls from our clients that “your candidate was a no show?” And a “no call.” It’s an extreme act of rude conduct to not show up at an interview without any notice.

Isn’t that obvious?  Apparently not.

This troubling behavior has become quite common.  In fact, this happened to me just yesterday in presenting a Director of Nursing to one of my clients.  A “no show and no call.”

The excuse?  The candidate said that she was simply too busy to make the interview.  Too busy!!!

Come on.  We all lead busy lives.  “Too busy”?  Give me a break.

Not showing up for an interview is outrageous and there really is no excuse.  Period.

Almost all of us have access to a cell phone and we can easily inform an employer that an appointment can not be made.  Again, is that not obvious behavior?

Showing up on time to anything previous agreed upon is an implied contract.  And obvious.

Or not?

So in celebration of the obvious it’s time to pop the cork, pour champagne and make a toast to those of us with common sense.

You showed up for an interview?  Congratulations!!! You arrived on time?  Hooray!!! You followed through with a promise?  Alrighty!!!!

Yes let’s praise the obvious.  For obvious reasons.

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