Wound Care: 5 Steps to Rehabilitate Your Career by Bernie Reifkind

Posted by admin on August 21, 2009

In the health care industry, wound care is a serious issue as it relates to patient care.  A conclusion may be drawn that prevention awareness, new advanced technology, organized intervention and other creative ideas have established better outcomes.

In the area of recruitment and employment, I have recruited so many outstanding candidates and I have seen so many careers with serious wound care issues that directly affect the health of a profession.

With regard to career care: prevention awareness, new advanced technology and intervention applies in the same manner as it does to patient care.

Here are 5 steps to rehabilitate your career:

1.  Always have a current outstanding looking resume.  You never know when opportunity knocks. You may need a resume for an outstanding opportunity and it should look stellar.  Your resume is your first impression when presented. 

2.  Career stability is vital, do not make a job change unless you have really thought out your reason(s) why.  Sometimes, even though things have changed in your job, it may be necessary to toughen it out and stick with your job.  Too many job changes and your resume begins to look like Swiss cheese.  Sometimes waiting things out is an effective strategy.

3.  Periodically, give yourself a career examination or “check-up”.  Look back at the positions that you have held and the responsibilities you have been given and examine with clarity the progression that you have made.  We all get very caught up with our day to day tasks but sometimes we need to look at the big picture of our lives.  Are you where you want to be? What could you be doing right now to align yourself with your ultimate goal?

4. Take a leap out of your comfort zone.  At times we all get a little too comfortable and take the easy way out when it comes to our careers.  Maybe it’s time to make a job change.  You may have transferable skills enabling you to do things and take on challenges way beyond your imagination.  Fortune favors the bold.  Why not push yourself into a direction that you may have been considering and give it a try?

5.  Emulate others that are successful in your industry or elsewhere.  Pay close attention to the movers and shakers in your field of work and see what they are doing and how they became successful.  Do not be afraid to ask how they became successful!  Most people’s favorite subject is themselves and you’d be very surprised how willing someone is to respond to the question: “how did you become so successful?”  The answers probably won’t surprise you!

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  1. Excellent article! I could use these tips.as I have just got back in the hunt for a new job after a stint starting up a new business venture.

  2. Very good article! For those who are not looking for a new position or career the article brings up a very important point. Take a leap out of your comfort zone! I always tell my staff that if you are comfortable doing your job then you are not making progress. You need to be looking how to improve what you are doing constantly and that means getting out of your comfort zone. Thanks for the reminder.

  3. This is a well done concise summary that gets right to the point. I am amazed at how many colleagues are unaware of these simple yet important principles. I plan to save this – and share it widely!

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