5.5 Things To Do Right Now If You Are Unemployed By Bernie Reifkind

Posted by admin on October 6, 2009


I am speaking with so many talented professionals in the health care field that are unemployed and have been for quite some time. 

Long term care (or health care in general) is supposed to be one of the industries that is least affected by the economic recession.  The evening news tosses around unemployment rates like a cold math formula from high school.

Well, guess what? If you are unemployed than your own personal unemployment rate is 100%.

This economy is affecting everyone so please try your best to realize that it is not your fault if you’ve been laid off by the economic squeeze.  Whatever the reason that you are “between jobs” there are some important things to do right now.

Here are 5 Things To Do Right Now If You Are Unemployed:

1.  Understand that sometimes, negative things happen that are beyond your control.  Stop beating yourself up about being unemployed.   Right now, no matter what you do, our economy is in a recession.  It’s beyond your control.  The unemployment rate is high for you and everyone else.  You can feel bad about it, feel anger, kick the dog and/or sit around and feel sorry for yourself.  A better approach is to accept your current situation and to realize that “this too shall pass.”  At some point, the economy will change for the better.  It always does.  Just like the weather- it doesn’t always rain and snow, it isn’t always sunny or cold.  The economy has seasons that change and this one will change, guaranteed.

2.  Do the positive things that are within your control.  Make sure that you have a “world class looking” resume.  Employers do judge a resume by it’s cover so make sure that yours is the very best it can look.  Let others review your resume and seek advice from as many people as you can and don’t be afraid to have several versions of your resume to fit different types of jobs.

3.  Make “looking for a job”- your full time job.  Wake up early, eat breakfast, shower and get fully dressed to begin your day, no differently than as if you had a specific place to go.  Begin the day with a daily plan as to what you hope to accomplish today.  Make it a full time job to look for your next job.  Begin at 8:30 AM, take a lunch break at noon and then resume until 5:00 PM.  Begin by scouring every single job board, newspaper, magazine, on line services, etc.  Contact every single person that you have ever met and ask them for leads or recommendations.  Follow up and after that: follow up.

4.  Use social media as much as possible.  Social media is not a “fad that just the kids are using”.  Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, etc are not to be underestimated.  Click here and click the arrow to read an interesting “take’ on social media and how powerful it is:  http://blog.triangledirectmedia.com/social-media-the-explosion-need-any-more-evidence-for-your-boss/

5.  Volunteer your time and services.  Maybe there is an assisted living facility that could use your help. Choose several organizations that could use your help even if it’s not in your work industry.  When you volunteer your time to an organization that helps others, it does wonders for your mind.  When you help others, everyone benefits but you can benefit additionally by also using it as a tool to speak to everyone that you meet about job opportunities.   Your next job, might be in a field that you would have never imagined.  Or, you may begin to think differently about your career goals and you might choose a completely different direction.

5,5  Cultivate a passion for renewal. These times call for bold measures and there is no time like the present to learn something new or renew the passion or fire that you may have lost.  Look at programs offered by local universities and re-new your skills set or even learn something new- completley outside what you have been doing.   Take an aggressive approach to professional growth.

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