Your Job: Stick It Out

Posted by Bernie Reifkind on May 9, 2013

Lately, are you not feeling “the love?” Are you feeling like you’re being taken for granted by your boss?  Are you due a bonus and all you hear are promises?

Join the crowd.

Oh, and buck up if you have to.

One must never forget that while we are at work we are also building resumes.  What do I mean when I say that we are “building resumes?”

It simply means that when it is time to interview, it is imperative to imagine the ramification of how your resume might look in the future.  No one wants their resume to look like Swiss cheese.  Full of holes.  Leaving a job every year or two looks horrendous on a resume.

When you appear on paper (no matter the reason) as if you’ve made too many job changes then you look like a huge risk to any potential employer.

Why should someone hire you when it appears that you might be there for only a year? An employer spends a fortune when a hire is made both monetarily and emotionally.  A new hire affects an entire operation.

Why take the risk to hire you?

To be fair, sometimes quitting a job is the only or final solution to a job problem.

However quitting a job should be a well thought out decision (obviously) but imagine how it will look on your resume in relation to other job length of stays.

Are you a job hopper?

We all know that times have changed and it’s very rare to stay at one job for an entire career or most of a career.  The norm is about every 3-5 years at a job.

Think about your resume.

It is imperative when you accept a new job, that you imagine how your resume will look if you accept a new job or quit the job you have.

Your resume is an investment that can pay future dividends.  Build it and realize that no one wants to hire a “job hopper” no matter the reason.

So if you are presently going through a rough patch, depending upon your track record, perhaps you need to buck up and stick it out.

Build your resume.

A good resume allows you to interview when it counts.  Your Mom was wrong, people do judge you by your cover (in this case, it’s your resume.)

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