How To Make It To Friday

Posted by Bernie Reifkind on August 13, 2012

It’s only Monday.

Tomorrow it’s Tuesday, but oh how many of us wish it was Friday.

Why do most of us dread Mondays and dream of Fridays?  What is so special about Friday, other than it being the end of the work week? 

Well the obvious reason is that the next day is for most people a day off.

The weekend!

The time to rest, play or simply do nothing.  It’s a time that we can spend any way we choose.  We’re not reporting to the Man, or servicing clients.  We can take it easy.

Then Monday rolls around again in what feels like 10 minutes after Friday began and we begin again to dream of Friday.

Here’s how to make it to Friday:

Remember when we were children we all played “make believe?” 

Why not begin each Monday by making believe that every day is Friday?  Time is only a psychological phenomenon anyway.  The concept of time is in fact a “man made” tool to organize our lives.  Time is a concept  to organize the chaos of our lives.

When we have “Friday on the mind” all we are really doing is denying the present moment because maybe we do not want to be doing what we are doing.  Is this unhappiness?

Maybe it’s time to make a job change.  But even if we change jobs, Monday still comes.

So for those of us dreaming of Friday:  why not make believe that every day is Friday?  Starting today.  Tell yourself that today is Friday.  And the great news is that tomorrow is Friday!

We play mind games with ourselves anyway so why not pretend that today is Friday?  We all played “make believe” as children and we all survived.  We pretended endlessly when we were children and nothing dreadful occurred.

So Happy Friday! Today! And Tomorrow! 

The weekend is right around the corner.

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