The Top 5 Headhunter Secrets

Posted by Bernie Reifkind on February 10, 2010

Actually their are probably more than 500 headhunter secrets in the day to day operation of a successful executive search firm!

Just like a magician, most headhunters do not like to tell anyone how they operate.  The key is to make it look easy and believe me………… it isn’t.  Headhunters have to deal with the dynamics of human beings and there are so many intangibles involved in making placements.

Pay attention, because here is what you need to know

The Top 5 Headhunter Secrets:

1.  Headhunters do not find jobs for people, they find people for jobs. If you are a job seeker and you have submitted a resume to a recruiter, do not expect that recruiter to be out there helping you find a job.  Headhunters are busy filling positions for their clients- the employer.

2.  Headhunters are not human resources people. In fact headhunters have nothing to do with human resources.  Many employers are mistaken to believe that their human resources department have the training and capabilities to source, identify, pre-screen and place the very best available training.  In fact, headhunters are incredibly valuable in finding the passive candidate (one who is not necessarily looking for a new job, but might entertain a job change.)

3.  Headhunters find their best candidates by cold calling. Of course everyone is using all the technology available (job boards, etc.), but the human contact of a phone call to a prospective candidate is key to identifying the best available candidate.  Headhunters are experts at making people feel at ease when presenting outstanding opportunities.

4.  Headhunters do not get offended by being called a headhunter!!!! Like every business professional, respect is key and it goes both ways.  A solid relationship with a headhunter can be instrumental in an organizations bottom line, so be nice and don’t worry about calling us headhunters!

5.  Successful headhunters can earn a lot of money, but never confuse this with the value we bring to your organization.  Headhunters earn every dollar that they make and there are many times in which contingency recruiters are not paid for their hard work.  My advice is to work with a headhunter that has staying power and has many years of experience working in your industry.

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