A Tribute To Sam Rosenwald

Posted by Bernie Reifkind on August 23, 2011

Quite possibly you landed on this post because you googled the name Sam Rosenwald. 

Or perhaps you sometimes read my articles on my website and you decided to read this one. 

Well I am glad that you are here reading this.  In fact you’re lucky.  But I am luckier.

You are lucky because you are about to get a glimpse of Sam Rosenwald a very special man who unfortunately, lost a courageous battle to cancer on August 3, 2011. 

The loss of Sam “Sammy” Rosenwald has blown a hole in my heart.

So why am I so lucky?  Because Sammy was my friend.

If you ask people or surf the internet on Sammy you will learn about all of his real estate accomplishments and philanthropic deeds.  You will learn about how much he loved his family, his spirituality, his good deeds that he volunteered to the community and to the world because Sammy truly was one of the good guys. 

In a way, it appeared as if Sammy thrived on making the world a better place.  He did. 

Sammy was my friend.

Oh, and Sammy loved to play.  And man did he live life large. 

When Sammy threw a party, it was a full out splash.  Everyone was invited and no details were too small.  When he invited you out for the evening, he would take you to a Laker playoff game with the best seats in the house dining in the VIP section before the game.  Or to see the Rolling Stones at Dodger stadium, or to see Anderson Cooper interview Walter Cronkite.

Sammy was my friend.

If he invited you to lunch, it was either some “over the top” restaurant or some hole in the wall “dive” where we could eat a couple of hot dogs.  It didn’t matter. And everywhere we went, he would bump into someone he knew.  I never understood how Sammy knew so many people.

But with all the good deeds and all the flash and excitement that he created, to me he was just my friend Sammy.  But what a friend he was!  You know why?  It was easy to just hang out with Sammy.  He was great company.

Sammy was my friend.

We laughed and kidded each other about everything.  We laughed at the world and we let the world laugh back. 

We also had something very powerful in common: our daughters were best friends since they were in diapers.  So not only did we share the world as friends, we shared the world as dads.  We saw the world through our daughters eyes.

This was great because even though he and I had busy schedules, if our daughters were playing together, one of us would swing by the other’s house to pick up our kid.  But in really, it was an excuse to see each other.

Friendship is so important.  During good times and bad times, if you do not have friends than the world can be a cruel and empty place.  Life is relentless.  Friendship is key.

If I swung by Sammy’s house to pick up my daughter, we’d hang out for at least an hour or more forgetting that I was at his house only to pick up my daughter.  That’s what friends do, they forget about time.

Sammy was my friend. 

It’s hard to believe that I now live in a world without Sammy.  He wouldn’t want anyone to feel bad that he is gone.  In fact, he’d want you to celebrate or have a good time. 

Sammy’s not gone.  He’s gone on, as we all will someday.  I miss you Sammy, and that hole in my heart remains.

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