The 5 Things To Know About Healthcare Employment by Bernie Reifkind

Posted by admin on September 21, 2009

Healthcare is the buzzword of the moment. 

Many “experts” believe that healthcare is one of the few industries that hasn’t felt the sting of our current recession.  Maybe.

One thing is for certain: the healthcare industry matters to all of us.

If you are considering a career in healthcare, here are The 5 Things To Know About Healthcare Employment:

1.  People that choose to work in healthcare are unique individualsWhether or not one is a direct provider or simply works  in healthcare, they are in the business of provide care to others.   Ask a nurse why he or she became a nurse and it is rarely about money.  Most respond by saying that “it was a calling.”

2.  Healthcare is a business.  Businesses survive by making profits (obviously) but there are times where there is a fine line between saving costs and spending what needs to be spent in order to provide the best care.  For some people, the idea that profits take precedence over proper care can make for queasiness. 

3.  Healthcare staffing can be a headache.  In certain segments of the healthcare industry such as long term care, finding and retaining talent at an affordable salary can be a challenge.  Research tells us that there is a nursing shortage that we are facing but more critically, there is a talent shortage in long term care.  The challenges that a Director of Nursing can be daunting in that they are taking care of Mom and Dad, they are “on-call” twenty four hours per day, they face heavy penalties for not being in State or Federal compliance and then of course the day to day grind inherent in any job.

4.  The health care industry plays an important part in the economy of our country.   The health care industry determines the GDP or the gross domestic product of our country.  It also determines exports status, employment, capital investment, etc.   The very health of our nation is directly related to our relationship to the healthcare industry.

5.  The Internet and or software will never replace humans in providing care to other humans.  The case can certainly be made the Internet is an enormous tool that all business can derive benefit.  The high tech industry is essential to breakthroughs in medicine, education, efficiency of delivery, research and development, etc.  That being stated, ultimately healthcare is about care delivered to humans for humans and by humans.
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