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The 5 Most Difficult Health Care Candidates (And How To Recruit Them!)

Recruitment success depends on presenting and placing the most qualified candidates.  Often times that depends on motivating difficult people to consider a complicated subject: job changing.

1.  Stickers

Stickers are people that have been at their same job for more than 10 years.  They stick around, though maybe a bit too long.  Of course job stability is a big factor when hiring but sometimes one can get stale from not growing and moving on to other opportuinites.

How to recruit them:  Understand that change can be traumatic when one has been at the same job for too many years.  Make sure that the reason that they are changing is not only for the money.  Stickers need time and reassurement and should not be pressured.  A job offer too quickly can sometimes scare off a Sticker!

2.  Procrastinators

Procrastinators mean well, but they can be indecisive and ultimately waste your most precious resource: time.

How to recruit them:  If they are genuinely interested in the job, give them small deadlines to meet along the way.  May I have your resume by Wednesday?  What time on Tuesday are you available to meet? What time tomorrow will you call me back?

3.  Big Shots

Big Shots are usually at the top of their game: and they know it.  In addition, they keep reminding you!  Big Shots are excellent candidates, but can be very difficult to work with.

How to recruit them:  Acknowledge their success and show the proper respect when due but understand that a big ego can be dangerous.  Try not to get bogged down with “war stories” that have no relevance to the job at hand.

4.  Needies

Needies are outstanding candidates that quite simply are a bit over anxious.  They call or send too many emails and can appear to be desperate when in fact, they are just excited.  They need to know!!! (When, who, where, why, etc?)

How to recruit them:  Be patient and understand that for Needies, waiting can be agonizing.  Let them know as much as you know (about the topic) and make sure that you set limits.  “I’ll call you Tuesday when I hear something”, “I’ll send you an email tomorrow with the details”, “I won’t have a decision for you for another 2 weeks.”
5.  Tappers

Tappers are great candidates that are toe tapping and sampling the market place by interviewing.  Tappers may have even convinced themselves that they are ready to make a job change but a true Tapper is simply fact finding with regard to salary, management styles and ego gratification.

How to recruit them:  Make sure that their reason for interviewing is not to just “see what’s out there!” This is a very common reason given for going on a job interview.  It is classic Tapper behavior.  Do you really understand why they are going on an interview? Does is make sense?  Is the timing right? (No pun intended!)
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