Strategic Sourcing of Healthcare Candidates by Bernie Reifkind

Posted by admin on October 30, 2009

On the subject of strategic sourcing of healthcare candidates, is there anything more important to the success of your organization than the hiring of outstanding human capital?

Of course not.

So what happens when a vital employee in your organization resigns from a key job that is not easy to refill? 

Well hopefully, you contact a healthcare recruiter that specializes in your niche of the healthcare industry (senior housing, assisted living, skilled nursing, CCRC, home health, etc.)

Strategic sourcing is the key to successful recruiting. 

Gone are the days of advertisement in newspapers.  As for posting jobs on Monster, Career Builder or Indeed, at best this is a passive alternative to classified newspaper advertising on a grand scale.  You end up spending money on job postings that everyone in the world (literally) responds to.

When you post a job or advertise, you tend to receive resumes from all types of people aggressively looking for a job but not necessarily from candidates that fit your need.  It’s nice to know that people are interested in working for you, but most of it can be a huge waste of your precious time.

Strategic sourcing is the implementation of a system in which a recruitment firm incorporates all resources available and then the single most important element: human contact.

Competent executive recruiters know this and will contact any candidate if their background gives them reason to believe that a person is applicable or if he/she possesses the intangibles that may not appear on a resume.

Of course we would love to “hit the bulls-eye” by finding a candidate on paper that is a clean fit, but we are just as satisfied to “hit the target” by finding magic in someone that might not appear on a resume.

A resume is only a beginning.

Making human contact by placing a phone call to a candidate and perfoming the same due diligence that an attorney might do in pre-screening a candidate is essential.  There is no replacement to a human dialogue.

It’s all about fact finding and asking the question:”why”.  Most people have clear reasons for the decisions that they have made in their career.  Why, why, why!!!! If you keep asking ‘why” you’ll find out many things about a person that doesn’t show up on a resume.

Strategic sourcing is ultimately about finding substance behind the mask of a resume.  It’s about finding that special spark, “the magic” that someone may possess and by giving someone the benefit of the doubt.

After all, wouldn’t you hope that someone would give you the benefit of the doubt so that you could explain yourself?

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  1. I would imagine a lot of home care agencies and long term care facilities would prefer a resident/patient have some long term care insurance.

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