Playground Rules On The Field Of Business

Posted by Bernie Reifkind on September 18, 2007

What we learned on the playground and how it applies on the field of business
1. Understand the rules prior to the game. Ask questions if you are not completely clear on any aspect of the rules.
2. Play fair but play extremely hard to win.
3. The game is usually won by strategy, not always by being first.
4. Play by the rules and demand the same of your opponent.
5. Confront anyone who cheats, immediately.
6. Do not let anyone intimidate you.
7. Stand up to bullies. If you have to fight, do so.
8. Catch your opponent off guard by throwing the first punch as hard and quickly as you can.
9. Better to fight and lose, than to back off. You will keep your high self esteem.
10. Do not let anyone change the rules in middle of the game.
11. Refuse to continue if the game or rules have changed without your full approval.
12. When winning, celebrate with dignity and hold on to that memory for the rest of your life
13. If your opponent wins, accept defeat graciously but remember what you have learned.
14. Remain in shape for the next game.

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