Healthcare Executives: Mastering “The Dance” by Bernie Reifkind

Posted by admin on October 8, 2009

Healthcare Executives (no matter what industry: long term care, assisted living, CCRC’s, senior housing) have demanding jobs, to be sure.

Whether you are in operations, nursing, marketing,etc. your job requires a certain level of expertise in many different areas.  Fundamentally, you have to be able to navigate an organization in line with the goal towards profit.  You are probably reporting to a demanding corporate office that expects one thing: results.

At the same time, you are responsible for providing care to other human beings – a challenge that changes daily.

The most successful healthcare executives have one thing in common: they have mastered “the Dance.” 

Mastery of  the Dance is essential in corporate America and in most cases for small business success.   Knowing the Dance and being able to do it are two completely different skill sets. 

So what is “the Dance”?  Quite simply it’s knowing when to say yes and when to say no…….and how you say it.  It’s about pleasing the people that matter the most by sometimes telling them what they want to hear.  It’s about pleasing your staff by sometimes telling them what they need to hear!

It’s about being outwardly positive, when you may feel like it.  It’s about enthusiasm, when you’re exhausted.  It’s about listening to things that you may not want or need to hear.

The Dance is having your skills set sometimes take a back seat to politics.  It’s about compromising.  It’s about admitting defeat in order to get the long term result that you want.

Mastery of the Dance is key to a successful career as a healthcare executive, so learn to do the steps……and keep tapping…..and tapping … and sometimes do some ballet…….or the twist……. sometimes you just have to dance, even when it hurts!

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