Health Care Recruiter Checklist: 5 things you need to know by Bernie Reifkind

Posted by Bernie Reifkind on September 16, 2009

You need staff and you are wondering which health care staffing agency to call.  I’ll make your like easier, here are 5 things that you need to know when you select a health care staffing agency:

1.  View the relationship as a partnership.  It’s vital that your needs are communicated clearly to the agency that you choose.

2.  A huge candidate database is nice but that doesn’t necessarily mean that your needs fall within their database.  Choose a health care recruiter that can source and pre-screen fresh talent.  Databases go stale.

3.  Recruiters do not find jobs for people, they find people for jobs!  Work with a search agency that understands this concept.  If this is not understood, then you are working for an amateur

4.  Referrals matter.  When looking for an staffing agency, ask colleagues and friends and everyone you know to recommend a staffing firm that can provide you with the only thing that counts: results.

5.  Hire an agency that understands urgency.  Time kills all deals and the longer that you have to wait to find the best talent, the more it is costing you in real dollars and company morale.
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