Ten Commandments In Business You Haven’t Seen

Posted by Bernie Reifkind on August 23, 2009

By Bernie Reifkind, CEO of Premier Search, Inc. (800) 801-1400

1. Thou shall never forget that in business everyone acts out of their own self interest first. If anyone believes or tells you otherwise then this person is either delusional or lying.

2. Thou shall trust, but verify. However, once trust has been broken it can never be fully repaired. Thereafter, trust is an illusion only if it benefits one’s self interest.

3. Thou shall not assume that a subordinate, boss, co-worker or client has complete comprehension of a communication or an order. Most people hear what they want to hear or are too busy anticipating their response. Communicate as if you are speaking to a small child or foreigner.


4. Thou shall never sign an agreement unless every item is clearly spelled out and agreed upon and only if it will better serve one’s own self interest.

5. Thou shall never be time pressured by anyone to make a decision even at the expense of potential loss. Decisions should be made only after all of the facts both tangible and emotional have been discovered. Being rushed to make a decision is dangerous. Beware. Enough said.

6. Thou shall take and make every business decision personal. In business, when you are told that it isn’t personal, it is. Act accordingly by either accepting or taking an action but never fool yourself about your emotions. Deal with it, allow yourself the time to heal, then move on.

7. Thou shall surround themselves with the ony very best talent and work with only the very best clients. If your co workers, boss or a client is too difficult to work with, fire yourself as soon as you can. Failure to do so will lead to a miserable working experience. Life is too short to surround yourself with C average players.

8. Thou shall be bold in all business endeavors. Ask, respectfully for what you want. You may not receive a desired outcome; however you never know unless you ask. In addition, dream huge and never let someone tell you that it can’t be done. If it hasn’t been done before, then all the more reason to dream it.

9. Thou shall never compose and send an emotional email or letter unless at least 48 hours have gone by. If one still feels the same after 48 hours then continue with extreme caution. Never forget that the written word is permanent.

10. Thou shall have the right to earn as much money as possible, without guilt. This is America, the land of opportunity and you have the right to earn huge sums of money as long as your pursuit contains and maintains unshakeable honesty, integrity and humility. Never feel guilty about cash flow that you have earned. The market pays you what you are worth.

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