How do you measure Recruitment ROI?

Posted by admin on August 26, 2009

How do you measure Recruitment ROI?

By Bernie Reifkind, CEO of Premier Search, Inc. (800) 801-1400

At Premier Search, Inc. our business was built around one simple, undeniable truth.  The most successful companies are those that have access to the best available professionals.

However, before making any investment in the recurrent process, every organization should evaluate their investment by answering the following questions in quantifiable terms:

• What are the costs and the corresponding and related risks on the investment?

• What are the expected returns of the investment?

• What is the expected pay-back period of the investment?

 No commission recruitment: Substantial ROI

Charging commissions is an outdated model.  Our health care customized searches enable employers to fill an unlimited number of positions for a single monthly fee.

 This fee remains constant and eliminates all other costs and commissions. Surprisingly, our national searches are often less expensive than running advertisements.

 Unconditional Guarantee: Substantial Reduction of Risk

 We offer an unconditional 100% replacement guarantee on all positions we fill. No questions asked.

 If a candidate doesn’t perform, we’ll find another who does. We want you to feel confident that you’ve found the right person for your team.

 If you’re not satisfied, we’ll keep searching until the job is done with no hassles, no extra charges and no excuses.  Remember, you are not paying a commission

 Your ROI: 80% higher than traditional commission based search firms.

 The emphasis of our program is relationship driven because we do not find jobs for people, we find people for jobs.  80% ROI is achieved by removing large commissions from the equation and combining that with strong retention incentives in the professional recruitment process, an unbeatable combination.

 Please call us at (800) 801-1400.

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