Employers: 4 Steps to Eliminating Employee Downtime

Posted by admin on August 28, 2009

by Bernie Reifkind, CEO of Premier Search, Inc. (800) 801-1400

Every employer at some time may need to hire or replace a key employee within their organization.  This can be a time consuming process creating significant and costly business downtime.  Most organizations can ill afford business downtime.

Here are 4 steps to eliminating downtime:

1.  At least once per month, evaluate the performance of each employee and determine their value to your organization.  If there is an employee that is underperforming, act immediately to find out why and if this person is worth “the long haul” of your business life.

2.  Your employees: what is it that you are choosing not to see?  This is a tough one for most business leaders because it means having to see the forest rather than the trees.  Do you have a problem employee?  Do you have a marginal employee that you know is just going through the motions? Do you feel like a key employee might be interviewing elsewhere?  If that is the case, you need to move proactively in search of a replacement by doing a quiet search.  Act now.

3.  Are you keeping aware of business trends?  It doesn’t take a fortune teller to know what is and isn’t working for your business.  John Lennon said that “if you don’t change with the music business, it will change without you.”  Does that apply to your business?  Are you current?

4.  Interview often.  Be proactive in your search for the best available talent whether or not you plan on hiring.  In so doing, you increase your database of resources should you need to replace a key employee.   In addition you can gather data about your competition or new ideas being implemented by similar types of businesses.

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