You’ve Just Been Offered the Job. Now What?

Posted by Bernie Reifkind on June 27, 2009

You’ve just been made a job offer and you’re probably feeling some or all of the following emotions (in no particular order):

a. Excitement
b. Ego boost
c. Gratitude
d. Fear
e. Confusion
f. Relief
g. Ambivalence “What have I gotten myself into?”
h. Expectation Anxiety “I hope that I haven’t oversold myself”
i. Renewal
j. Buyer’s remorse
k. Rich
l. Lonely

All of the above and probably hundreds of more emotions are felt when you are about to make a job decision. It’s one of the most important decisions that you will ever make.

Calm down!

Here are some things to consider:

A. Celebrate! Another company recognizes your greatness. Feel great about the future. It’s yours for the taking.
B. If it feels right, then trust your heart and accept it.
C. If you’re feeling undecided, ask more questions and then take some serious time to assess the pros and the cons.
D. Trust your heart. This is probably the most important thing to consider.
E. Most successful people have a fear that they may have oversold themselves on the interview. In almost every case this is untrue.
F. Give your new employer credit for recognizing your talent and making the decision to hire you. Never mistake a fast offer with desperation on their part.
G. Please do not be too hard on your self.

Here is how to accept the job:

  1. Call the employer immediately and accept with great enthusiasm.
  2. Feel great about it! You just landed an outstanding opportunity!

Do not accept a counter offer: this can be career suicide!

  1. It is more cost effective to offer you more money to stay than to replace you. So be prepared to be made a counter offer.
  2. Accepting a counter offer can be career suicide. You have to think to yourself: “Why do I have to resign before I am finally appreciated?”
  3. Where is this money coming from? It is probably your next 2 raises.
  4. If you accept a counter offer, research shows that you will be on the job market again in 90 days.

Accept the joband celebrate. Congratulations!

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