The 10 Steps For A Successful Telephone Interview

Posted by Bernie Reifkind on June 27, 2009

A telephone interview is in many cases your first opportunity to present yourself to an
employer. It is critical to get it right. These tips will ensure the best possible outcome:
a face to face interview.

  1. Your ultimate goal: *arrange a face to face interview. It’s rare that someone gets hired over
    the phone.
  2. Have a pen and paper as well as your calendar at hand. Take notes and have available
    several dates that you can make yourself available for an interview.
  3. Make sure that your resume is in front of you and that you can explain the reasons for the
    career decisions that you have made.
  4. Make sure that you have no outside distractions.
  5. Speak clearly and slowly with confidence. Sound extremely positive!
  6. Do not initiate a discussion on salary. Do not ask about salary or benefits. If the subject of salary comes up, reassure the employer that you are looking for a long term career opportunity and your are confident that a mutually beneficial salary can be agreed upon.
  7. Do not say anything negative as to why you would consider a change. Suggest that you are looking for a better opportunity.
  8. Be as complimentary as possible. Discuss any positive things that you have heard about your employer.
  9. Be honest about your experience. If you do not have experience in a specific area, respectively discuss that you may have transferable skills. Provide examples.
  10. Enthusiasm sells! Be enthusiastic when presenting your background and don’t forget to smile. On the telephone, people know when you are smiling and more importantly, your smile creates warmth and instant chemistry.

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  1. Great blog. Can’t wait to see what you come up with next!

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