Behind The Scenes: A Day in The Life Of A Health Care Recruiter

Posted by Bernie Reifkind on June 30, 2009

You’d be surprised how common the following scenario is played out almost daily.

A recruiter finds an outstanding candidate for a critical job opening on behalf of a valued client and the candidate has expressed sincere interest. A resume is then requested. So what happens next?

Candidate: “Yes of course, I’ll send you my resume-I will email it to when I get home”

Recruiter: “Great! I’ll call you when I receive it”

Recruiter: “Hi, I haven’t received your resume………are you still sending it?

Candidate: “Oh I’ve been so busy…….I’ll email it to you tonight when I get home.”

Recruiter: Leaving a message on voice mail: “Hi, I still haven’t received your resume………and I do not want
to push you, so can you please tell me if you are still interested in applying? Are you sending me
your resume?

Candidate: No response………..yet………….the candidate calls back late at night and leaves a voice mail
message knowing that you’re at home sleeping “Hi…..I have been so busy……..and I am returning
your phone call.”

Recruiter: Calls the candidate and finds out that the candidate is in meetings all day and is not available.
You get the picture.

Recruiters do in fact “chase” candidates to get their resume when in fact: some candidates are
really not interested in making a change after initially saying that they were.

So where (as recruiters) do we draw the line?

If this candidate really wanted to send a resume or investigate an opportunity nothing would stop

Why do candidates sometimes mislead recruiters about sending their resumes? Sometimes, it’s because people change
their mind but just maybe people get caught up in excitement about change. It’s very flattering to receive a phone
call from a recruiter about changing jobs.

So, then why not tell the recruiter that you’ve changed your mind and not sending your resume? Doesn’t that seem

Seasoned Recruiter: “Respectfully, this will be my final phone call to you. If you are still interested in
sending a resume, terrific, however until that happens I will assume that you are not
interested and I will move on. Good bye.

Conclusion: As recruiters, we need to give candidates the benefit of the doubt. However; we
shouldn’t have to chase people. Hold candidates accountable to their word and then
judge them by their actions.

Regards, Bernie

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