Why Employers Should Never Use An Outside Recruitment Firm

Posted by admin on December 4, 2009

If you want to compete in the business world, you need world class talent. 

How do you find the very best available talent, right now?  Certainly not  by using an outside recruitment firm.   After all why would you want:

  • Experts in the field of your industry that take a proactive approach in seeking out the very best candidates and not relying solely on placing ads on Monster, Career Builder, Yahoo Job,etc.
  • A measurable reduction in recruitment ROI because of solely relying on an HR department that has very little if any training in what it truly takes to recruit the very best candidates.
  • An industry that understands urgency- your urgency- in filling positions because as you know: for every day that a position remains open it is costing you big time. (Not only in real dollars but in downtime and company morale.)
  • Professionals that can proactively call on your competitors and seek out the best talent.
  • The relief in knowing that your job openings will be filled by action oriented and results driven “people”, not software.  Why would you want to find out about someone’s intangible assets that rarely show up on a resume?

In summary, because of all the reasons above and probably hundreds more, never use an outside recruitment firm to fill your critical job openings.  It’s just not worth it.

11 Responses to “Why Employers Should Never Use An Outside Recruitment Firm”

  1. Man, I was going to rip into your ‘analysis’ but after reading it thoroughly I understood it to be tongue in cheek. Well said, and you have outlined very important points, all of which I use when discussing what our recruiting team brings to the table. Bravo Sir!

  2. Hi Doug, I’m glad you “got it”! Thank you for the kind words.

  3. What a great article, thank you for sharing — so true — it’s amazing after all this time most Human Resources departments still don’t get it — it’s about attracting the top talent, not about administrative bureaucracy.

  4. But sadly, they still don’t open that door to all possible candidates, do they?! Thanks for the article.

  5. Hi Beth, thank you for your comment but I’m not sure who you are referring to. Can you please explain? Thank you!

  6. I used to work in the outside recruiting field. In some instances, there are definite advantages to using a recruiter.

    There are also disadvantages and dangers. One of the most obvious problems is that recruiters tend to be slot fillers. They see specifications on a page and match these to the person on a resume. In addition, they may not have insights into the specific field and, more importantly, your company. And, at the end of the day they don’t get paid unless they find you “someone”. If it doesn’t work out, they get to walk away. You don’t!

    Having said all that, under the right circumstances, I have also seen the process work very well.

  7. Hi Bruce, thank you for posting. As we all know, in every field there are people that are only trying to make a fast buck by filling slots, so I agree that there can be some danger. We must never forget that we (as professional recruiters) are dealing with the lives of human beings and their familiies.

    In every endeavor, it’s important to know who the top search firms are and why- it’s like checking references. Under the right circumstances (as you say) the process is extremely successful. Thank you again for posting!

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