Here is How to Spot a Fake Resume

Posted by Bernie Reifkind on October 23, 2014

An increase in the number of cases of resume fraud is in no small part a result of the past several years of weakness in the job market. Unemployed people are feeling the pressure, and while they likely won’t be fined or jailed for lying on their resumes, that’s no reason to avoid telling the truth.

5 BS Facts About Recruiters Almost Everyone Thinks Are True

Posted by Bernie Reifkind on October 16, 2014

The employer is the client not the applicant in that the employer signs an agreement to pay a fee if the position is filled by the recruiter. Recruiters get paid by employers so the employer is the client. Recruiters work on behalf of the employer. Also, did you know that the most challenging part of the a recruiter’s job is to find an employer client? Finding clients is exponentially more challenging than finding applicants.

Thanks For Not Calling Me Back

Posted by Bernie Reifkind on October 3, 2014

As we live and work in the digital world, has the actual telephone become irrelevant?  Is making and returning phone calls actually a thing of the past?  It appears so. If that is the case, then perhaps we are losing our humanity that has been so deeply embedded into our DNA since the invention of […]