The Top 5 Ways to Use Linkedin To Your Advantage

Posted by Bernie Reifkind on July 15, 2013

MAKING CONTACT- This is perhaps the single most important reason to use LinkedIn. Making connections on LinkedIn is important, but once a connection is made then what? If you have made a connection with someone then there is a great chance that there is an mutually beneficial opportunity to be explored. PICK UP THE PHONE and call your new connection and begin a dialogue about how you might both benefit from being connected. If someone has requested to be LinkedIn with you then you are being seen as having some type of value.

What Your Employees Are Afraid To Tell You

Posted by Bernie Reifkind on July 1, 2013

So what is stopping your employees from being frank with you? Fear.
Fear of losing their job, their title, their bonus, their raise, their status, their future. It’s a scary thing to talk to the boss.